M A R T I N .B U S H

Contemporary Expressive Abstract Painter

Devon Artist

Artist in Residence Royal William Yard Plymouth UK since 2004 Est as an artist since 1989

Gallery open Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am - 5pm Tel 07703 231150 art@martinbush.co.uk

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Large Sacle Artworks
.Martin Bush Fine Art in Plymouth, UK on Houzz

Summer Explosion

Measuring 6 ft square (183cm sq) the scale of this painting is everything. Wanting to give the overwhelming sensation of summer and colour the painting is a real attention grabber.

Available with or without the frame shown




This painting always reminds me of the famous "Roaring Forties" down in the southern hemisphere, where does it take you.

Hangs either this pay of in portrait

Click on image for all the details and sizes


Positive Path

From my much loved Beach Holiday Series in 2015 this is on of the larger scale works. The flow across this painting takes you on a journey with dynamic sweeps of colour that drift in and out of each other

Click on image for all the details and sizes


Echoes of Summer

One of the works where I just sit and discover and always feeling the sunshine when I spend time with this painting

This is mounted as seen in my studio

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Echo in the City

This is a very texteral painting with underlying colours to discover through the surface and much like visiting a new city there is much to discover

This is without frame in my studio for you to see but priced as seen with frame

Click on image for all the details and sizes

£4,750.00 (with out frame it will be £3,250.00)




Acrylic and oil on board

146cm x 126cm with framing

Funny how you put a painting in the stock and one day pull it out as I had a large frame to fill and this was the one.


Journey Into Nature

Measures 183cm x 183cm or 6ft sq

Painted in 2009 this is the twin to a commission painting for a client and as I was painting I decided I wanted a mirror image to bounce back and forth with and the finished paintings were displayed together for the client to choose


Breath 183cm x 183cm

Indulgence 210cm x 210cm

Colour Rhythm 150cm x 150cm

Lady 150cm 115cm

Pink'alisious 2


Curve Passion


Beginning of Time


Below are a selection of some of the Large Scale Paintings I have sold

Beach Holiday

Sold in 2017

It's the Beginning of Summer

I really enjoyed this commission for a client and it so fitted this contemporary interior

Richter Scale

On clients wall in the Royal William Yard

Glass Painting

Restaurant table tops



Journey into Nature

Private Commission


Journey into Nature

Private Commission


Commission and installed Bridewell Place off Fleet Street London