M A R T I N .B U S H

Contemporary Expressive Abstract Painter

Devon Artist

Artist in Residence Royal William Yard Plymouth UK since 2004 Est as an artist since 1989

Gallery open Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am - 5pm Tel 07703 231150 art@martinbush.co.uk

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WIndow Paintings
.Martin Bush Fine Art in Plymouth, UK on Houzz
Size with frame 48cm x 113cm

Summer Fruits £975.00

Tooty Fruity SOLD

Summer Tonic £975.00

Lime Tonic SOLD

The idea that we can hang some of these paintings either way is great.

This one shown is Day Dreamer Minor and looks great this way round

I have done several commissions in this style and shape with diptych and triptych's being very popular

Fruity Tonic 3 SOLD

Ocean Cocktail £975.00

Summer Wave 1 £975.00

Summer Wave 2 £975.00

Summer Wave 3 £975.00



Size with frame 29cm x 132cm

Beach Party I £1,250.00

Beach Party 2 £1,250.00

Summer Tonic I £1,250.00

Summer Tonic II £1,250.00

Summer Cocktail I £1,250.00

Summer Cocktail II £1,250.00

The idea to work in this format has been a real delight in creating works that fit into areas where other paintings have difficulty to make a presence.
Large window paintings

Day Dreaming 207cm x 50cm £1,995.00

The frames are made from kiln dried hard wood with white gloss finish on outer and matt on inner, they are also available with a black gloss or matt finish.

I can do you a commissioned "Window Painting" any size to fit your space

Midnight Strolling 225cm 50cm SOLD

Beach Life 49cm x 225cm

Beach Stroll 49cm x 225cm

Park Stroll 49cm x 225cm

Beach SOLD

I have done commissions with 3 matching (Triptych) Pairs and size to fit. here are some examples of some I have sold

Each painting colour and shape was carefully selected with the client choosing from my portfolio which paintings they preferred and then I will show them some examples and finally the commission takes place