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Gallery 2

Introducing my paintings here from 2015 through to early 2017 the transition from working for a major exhibition to new work that followed was quite a deviation from start to finish and what followed the Jewel Temple series which wouldn't of met the high standards it did with out this experimental journey I took through this time of nearly 3 years

The painting opposite was I found the catalyst to this change but the work prior was made full of colour and movement that something needed to bend in a different direction

The work you see further down this page is as important and part of this transition and they stand out so proud you need to wear you sun glasses.

They state I am here and you cant help but see and feel the happy vibes they give. That's why I called it my "Beach Holiday Series"


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Wild in Autumn £4,995.00

This size and shape have become very popular and I am happy to do commissions in any style you see on my site in this format


Beach Strolling SOLD

Dreaming Fish £1395

Beach Cocktail II £995

Positive Path £5,450

Summer Tonic SOLD

Beach Fizz £1,750


The paint flowed with the music of the day and every part seemed to come alive

All these paintings are available with the frame of your choice.

Sky Fizz £2,650

Deep Ocean £2,650

Sunny Fizz £2,650

Thai Beach I £1250

Thai Beach II £1250

As I started this series of work I had the privilege of gaining a commission of 15 paintings for a high end apartment space in Exeter which spurred me on with this colourful energy driven work.

The square format has worked well in this series and fills a wall with style

Beach Storm £1,250

Cool Breeze on the Beach SOLD

Strawberry Fields £1,250

Sweet Shop 1 £1,250

Sweet Shop 2 SOLD

Sweet Shop 3 £1,250

Sweet Shop 4 £,1,250

Summer Explosion

Summer Explosion is the largest one from my Beach Holiday Series at 6ft or 187cm square and this is when I find the truth within my work. It is created as all my paintings flat on the ground or table and yes struggled to make the centre happen so for a rare moment this painting had to be stood up to get the centre moving and infact looking back at this painting it is all about the centre and the explosion of colour around throws you into a dizzy swirl of excitement

Summer Fruit £1,250

Ocean Cocktail £1,250

Tooty Fruity SOLD

Fruity Tonic 3 SOLD

Birth of Nature 1 135cm x 135cm £3,450

Birth of Nature 2 135cm x 135cm £3,450

Tooty Fruity £795

Pop Fizz £820

Tonic of Summer 144cm x 85cm

I can do you a commissioned "Window Painting" any size to fit your space £1,895

These long thin styled paintings I have named "Window Paintings" and I have a wide selection for you to see

CLICK HERE to see the full collection

Strawberry Pop £1,250

Asian Summer I £725

Asian Summer II £725

Monet Echo £995

Bush Miniature 2015-6 SOLD

Bush Miniature 2015-7 SOLD

Bush Miniature £345

Bush Miniature Portrait £345

Below are a few of the paintings I have sold already from this series

Summer Days Large Canvas SOLD

Summer Frolics SOLD

Beach Cocktail I SOLD

Beach Sports SOLD

Autumn Storm SOLD

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Beach Games I SOLD

Beach Games II SOLD


Hot Tonic 1 & 2 SOLD

Sweet Shop IV SOLD


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