M A R T I N .B U S H

Contemporary Expressive Abstract Painter

Devon Artist

Artist in Residence Royal William Yard Plymouth UK since 2004 Est as an artist since 1989

Gallery open Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am - 5pm Tel 07703 231150 art@martinbush.co.uk

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Gallery 3
.Martin Bush Fine Art in Plymouth, UK on Houzz



On the next two pages (Gallery 3 and 4) are a more eclectic mix of my past works and show where I have traveled as an artist.

I have sold over 900 paintings from what is 20 years going back to 1997 where it all began and the wonderment of experiment and pushing the boundaries of my abilities as an artist has always been a delight as I discover new ideas and emotions to flood onto the canvas.

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Asian Skies

Painted in 2002





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Flying Fish £2,450.00

Summer Dreaming £2,450.00

These large scale square works truely give the spectacular

The aim to indulge your mind and give escape to the every day

Positive Living 127cm x 127cm £2.450.00


Dreamy Days

84cm x 84cm £1,250.00

Summer Days on the Moors 78cm x 78cm £940.00


Large scale these measure 127cm sq with the frames shown


Summer Essence £2,450.00


Moonlight Fishing £2,450.00

Summer Infusion £2,450.00

Summer River I SOLD

Summer River II SOLD

I have many of these smaller paintings on show in my studio and they don't often make it to the web site as they tend to sell quickly. These two are still available

My work has lead into landscape styled work which are not specific to a place more the aim is for the painting to take it to your special place

It's a Beautiful day on the River 102cm x 76cm


Summer Day Trip on the River SOLD

Summer Storm I 102cm x 76cm £1,750.00


Summer Storm 2 102cm x 76cm £1,750.00

These two were painted in February 2015 and as this time of year is thick with cold and darkness these paintings took on the felling of this time of year

Summer Calm 90 x 90 cm £2150.00

Summer Energy 102cm x 76cm £2,850.00



Pearl Essence £1,450.00


Positive Summer Fizz 76cm x 102cm £995.00

Hoping For Summer 84cm x 84cm £995.00

Sailing Mirage


Earth's Pulse £2,995.00

Wild £1,500.00

All at Sea £1,500.00

Dance £1,500.00

I can do you a commissioned "Window Painting" any size to fit your space £1,895.00

These long thin styled paintings I have named "Window Paintings" and I have a wide selection for you to see

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Summer Cocktail £1,450.00

Prussian Velvet 100cm x 100cm £850.00

Summer Velvet £995.00

Spring Tonic £950.00

Below are a few of the paintings I have sold already from this series

Echo April-May 2013 SOLD

Before the Future Begins SOLD

Picnic on the Moors SOLD

Essence of Summer I SOLD

Essence of Summer II SOLD

Summer Velvet 1 SOLD

Energy Landscape 1 SOLD

Velvet Lounge SOLD

Summer Earth SOLD

Summer Active SOLD

Marine Waters SOLD

Soft Waters SOLD

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