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Gallery 4     Pre 2015



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Fusion Landscape I


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Fusion Landscape II £2,850

Siam River Market £2,850

Fusion Seas £3,960

Arabian Sands150cm x 100cm £2,450

Summer Swirl £1,750

Dusk Emanates £1,750

Dawn Swirl £950

I can now show you how a painting will look on your wall. Just send a photo and I will plant the painting you like in situ

Dawn Rise 100cm sq £1,650

Spinnaker £1,250

Charcoal Lady 2 £195

Solar Dream 100cm sq £1,850

Journey Line 3 103cm 76cm £1650

Radiation Nature100cm sq £1,750

Day Dreaming Woman SOLD

Naked Allusion £2,450

Reclining Woman 107 x 77cm £1500

Fusion Woman 70 x 90cm £1250

Mermaid 50cm x 100cm £950

Colour into Nature £1,620

Active Energy £595

I have many more paintings within my NEW Home Gallery which will be open for visitors on an appointment bases.

Get in touch if you want to visit

Wild Wood £495

Micro World 1 60 x 60 cm £450

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PRINTS and more

Micro World 2 60 x 60 cm £450

Thought 150cm x 150cm £3,250

Window 150cm x 150cm £3,250

Below are a selection of the paintings I have sold from my 2010 New Beginning Series and early works

Sunshine SOLD

Charcoal Lady 1 SOLD

Silver Storm 90cm sq SOLD

interior Red SOLD

Google Earth £395 SOLD

Moonlight Sailing SOLD

Natural World SOLD

Moorlands 100cm sq SOLD

Trip in the Bay 2 50 x 50 cm SOLD

Trip in the Bay 1 50 x 50 cm SOLD

Blue Emotion SOLD

Spring SOLD

Lady in the Abstract SOLD

Intimacy SOLD

Meditation Woman SOLD

Love and Lust SOLD

New Beginning SOLD

Day Light Summer SOLD

Autumn Oak SOLD

Poet's Dream SOLD

Black Widow SOLD

Musical Wood SOLD

Art Deco SOLD

Blue Wave SOLD

Journey into Nature I SOLD


Soft Nature Dream SOLD


Landscape Journey SOLD

Lady in Red SOLD

Picasso Lady SOLD

Echoes of the Land SOLD

Musical Sands SOLD

Dali's Fusion SOLD

Energy 1 50 x 50 cm SOLD

Energy 2 50 x 50 cm SOLD

Mind Landscape 90 x 60 cm SOLD

Ocean Skies 50 x 50 cm SOLD


Mermaid Red SOLD

Lyrical Wood SOLD

Spirit of Life 1 SOLD

Spirit of Life 2 SOLD

Deep in the Forest 90 x 60 cm SOLD

Adrift SOLD

Echo Land SOLD

Monet Mirage SOLD


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