M A R T I N .B U S H

BA(Hons) Art and Design


Contemporary Expressive Abstract Painter

Martin Bush Fine Art in Plymouth, UK on Houzz
if you see this symbol you can click and buyDIrect from my shop (I will be adding this to all my paintings soon!)

Known as my Bush Miniatures these are like snippets of my larger works, a celebration to the marks I make which change each year and new series I do. So these capture the essence of the work at the time created

Bush Miniature 2015-1

Bush Miniature 2015-2

Bush Miniature 2015-3

Bush Miniature 2015-4

Bush Miniature 2015-5

Bush Miniature 2015-6

Bush Miniature 2015-7

Bush Miniature 2015-8


Bush Miniature Portrait 2015-1

Bush Miniature Portrait 2015-2

Bush Miniature Portrait 2015-3

Blue Nude Pastel on paper

Lady in Chair


Summer River 1

Summer River 2


Boating on the Lake 1 £135

Boating on the Lake 2 £135

Heart Burst