Buddhist Temple in the Sun

Acrylic, oil and gold leaf on canvas

210 x 75 cm including this top of the range gloss white frame.

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In this series of work that was painted over the year of 2017 this painting came about within the middle spell of working on paintings that are inspired by my many moments spent within the amazing Temples of Thailand.

Painted from right to left as the paint merges from one spectrum to the next so to hopefully capture many events and colours I see in the life of a Temple.

The festiveness and freeness is to resemble how living is an organic thing as people and life buzzes around us. I have always felt that Thai's seem to move through life as would a people who live on water.

This I see in the way they walk as well as how they drive, as though we are all flowing down one big stream and life has a gentle tilt and always with a smile.

When I peer into this work all the feeling of this flood back and the gold leaf are to resemble the highlights when the sun glistens and reflects back at you giving an ever more uplifting moment.

The sun certain shines from this painting