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ARCHIVE ; Past sold paintings



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Kho-Khi Egg Cup Temple Colours SOLD

Summer Temple SOLD

Temple Ocean SOLD

Sitting Buddha SOLD

Golden Buddha SOLD

Temple by the Sea SOLD

Mini Temple World SOLD

Mindfulness SOLD


Desitination SOLD

Blossom 1 SOLD

Blossom 2 SOLD

Summer Calm SOLD

Mermaid SOLD

Solar Dream SOLD

Charcoal Lady SOLD

Summer Blossom SOLD

Summer Blossom I SOLD


Dawn Rise SOLD

Micro World 2 SOLD

Ocean SOLD

"Once in a Lifetime" SOLD

Nature in Blossom 1 SOLD

Nature in Blossom 2 SOLD

Cycle Ride SOLD

Oriental Blossom 2 SOLD

Beach Party 1 SOLD

Beach Party 2 SOLD

Day Dreamer SOLD

Arabian Sands SOLD

Fusion Landscape I SOLD

Jazz is Golden SOLD

Summer Sailing SOLD

Ocean Cocktail SOLD

Pink Cocktail II SOLD

Pink Cocktail II SOLD

Asian Summer I SOLD

Gho-Ghi Chicken SOLD

Gho-Ghi-Kho-Ghi SOLD

Summer Tonic 1 SOLD

Summer Tonic 2 SOLD

Charcoal Lady 1 SOLD

Sitting Buddha SOLD

Baby Grande Piano SOLD

Funky Jazz Sax SOLD

Natural World SOLD

Summer Essence SOLD

Silver Storm SOLD

Moorland 2010 SOLD

Summer velvet II SOLD

Summer Cocktail SOLD

Google Earth Minor SOLD

Living Oak SOLD

Oriental Blossom SOLD

Tree Blosson SOLD

Blue Emotion SOLD

Spring SOLD

Positive Summer SOLD

Beach Fizz 2017 SOLD

Sunshine 2007 SOLD

Pop Fizz 2015 SOLD

Sailing Boat 1 SOLD

Moonlight Sailing 2011 SOLD

Sailing Boat 2 SOLD

Sailing on the Lake SOLD

Gho-Ghi Chicken SOLD

Gho-Ghi Kho-Khi SOLD

Jewel Heart SOLD

Temple HEart on the Beach SOLD

Temple Gold SOLD

Jewel Temple SOLD

Temple in the Park SOLD

Temple By The Ocean SOLD

Temple 1SOLD

Temple 2SOLD


Beach Fizz SOLD

Thai Temple in the Sun SOLD

Jewel SOLD

Summer Tonic SOLD

Sounds of Jazz SOLD

Jazz Base Colours SOLD

GOlden JAzz Trio SOLD

Abstract Jazz Piano SOLD

Beach Strolling SOLD

Summer Fruit SOLD

Fruity Tonic 3 SOLD

Beach Sports SOLD

Summer Days Large Canvas SOLD

Beach Cocktail I SOLD

Sweet Shop 2 SOLD

Cool Breeze on the Beach SOLD

Tooty Fruity SOLD

Sweet Shop V SOLD

Summer Frolics SOLD

Sweet Shop IV SOLD

Autumn Storm SOLD


Hot Tonic 1 & 2 SOLD

Wax Seal Mins SOLD

Wax Seal Mins SOLD

Wax Seal Mins SOLD

Kho-Khon Human SOLD

Sail Mirage SOLD

Summer Sailing SOLD

Monet Echo SOLD

Datrmoor Otter Sculpture SOLD

Dusk River SOLD

Beach Games I SOLD

Beach Games II SOLD

Rays of Summer SOLD

Pop 1 SOLD

Pop 2 SOLD

Ocean Tonic 1 SOLD

Orchid 6 SOLD

Orchid 3 SOLD

Orchid 2 SOLD

Orchid 1 SOLD

Pop Fizz 13 SOLD

Trip on the River SOLD

Golden Summer SOLD

Stroll in the Park SOLD

Two Lovers SOLD

Lady in the Abstract SOLD

Intimacy SOLD

Meditation Woman SOLD

New Beginning SOLD

Day Light Summer SOLD

Autumn Oak SOLD

Musical Wood SOLD

Poet's Dream SOLD

Black Widow SOLD

Blue Wave SOLD

Picasso Lady SOLD

Art Deco SOLD

Landscape Journey SOLD

Echoes of the Land SOLD

Lady in Red SOLD

Journey into Nature I SOLD

Soft Nature Dream SOLD

Musical Sands SOLD

Mind Landscape SOLD

Dali's Fusion SOLD



Mermaid Red SOLD



This Archive goes back to 2002 but not all are heret.

The total number of paintings I have sold is around 1000 but I may of forgotton a few and the archive only includes what I call proper main canvases and not the smaller on paper and flat canvas type of art that I do as a side to gain the inspiration to do these works.



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