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"Once in a Lifetime"

The exhibition has now finished but you can still purchase any of the paintings seen here through the Host Galleries or me!

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Delights of Spring 40cm sq

Landscape Dream 60cm sq

Two new works in 2022 and feeling the spring in my arty step once more

Life is for Living £2,900

Dreaming Moments £1,550

Cycle Ride SOLD

That Magical Feeling


Cycle Ride Dartmoor


Red Skies Ride


Let the Sunshine Ride


Luscious Landscape £395

Out on a Ride 1 £395

Out on a Ride 2 £395

Out on a Ride 3 £395

Out on a Ride 4 £395

Life's Play 1 £295

Life's Play 2 £295

Life's Play 3 £295

Life's Play 4 £295

Anticipation in 2021 £750

Cycle Ride £850

Destination £750

Cycle Ride Wembury Point £720

A Beautiful Ride £720

Cycle Ride Cawsands View £720

Sunshine £1,250

Magnificent Ride £720


Cycle Ride Mini 1 £295

Sunset Out on a Ride £970

Cycle Ride Mini 2 £295

Nature's Energy £1,350

Pop Life £1,650

Magical Landscape on the Moors

150cm x 122cm



The Mood of the Land

150cm sq



"Once in a Lifetime"

150cm sq



Blossom Inspired Paintings

Weeping Blossom Tree 123cm x 122cm £3,400


Blossom 1 £1,250

Blossom 2 £1,250

Pink 185cm x 122cm £3,800



Press release


 “Once in a Lifetime”
      New Paintings by Martin Bush 2022

Martin Bush has been painting for over 25 years and has had an industrious time with studios in Wales and then Plymouth and until 2019 he always presented his art direct to the public but in time things seemed to be getting a little out of hand..

The pandemic has been a challenge as well as a catalyst for many and having that void of time to reflect on his life as an artist so far gave the him new drive to change things around a little as well as other more visually and shapely issues that arose through indulgences that had crept into his life.

“Life sometimes takes you somewhere that you don't want to be but you suddenly end up there, life’s indulgences and a depressive journey leads to what seemed an impossible place and you await that light-bulb moment to kick start and turn your issues into the positive”.

All this needed to change somehow.
The light-bulb moment isn’t an instant thing, in fact as the way Martin likes to paint the way forward is best left to organic evolution.
This is where the introduction of a bicycle made for real change and inspiration to his shape as well as his pallet and marks on canvas.

The thought of getting a bike and what was his childhood favorite pastime ticked boxes so in October 2020 he got back on the saddle. To start, as we all feel it isn't for the faint hearted to cycle on our roads but also Martin needed to get a lot fitter to take on this challenge so the first few months were spent on a bike turbo trainer in his front room to gain the confidence to return to his much love of cycling.

“I had to start in my front room with my new bike trainer to burn the weight off first and gain strength as well as courage and this rekindled my love of cycling as well as gaining confidence to hit the roads and those Devon hills!”

The whole experience has he says has been “A Once in a Lifetime” chance to regain control of his health and once he had the abilities to get further out into the Devon countryside he started to feel the combination of cycling and magnificent views coming together into his new work.

His Blossom inspired paintings that he did in mid 2020 became the bridge between and propelled his new artist mind transposed from many beautiful views yet also the anxieties and perhaps loneliness we all felt going through these last few years now very much within this new work.

4000 miles of cycle rides as well as the new inner emotions were seeping nicely onto canvas, he also very much enjoyed the results of his hard labour and got his weight down to a very impressive and manageable body size, the first time for 10 maybe 15 years. This has always been a tough thing to live with he explains but he feels and can visually see he has conquered this challenge (well almost, 2022 he will continue!).

He says that for him this work is so new that he hasn’t absorbed the fullness of it yet but when he sits in his armchair after a hard 3 hour cycle ride and looks into each painting he feels he is out there on the hills and magnificence of beautiful vistas once more.

Martin is glad to start this year with this exhibition and to share this journey with you and hopes, as one other item he misses since closing his Studio Gallery in the Royal William Yard, in having a chat with you and to talk and discover what is within his new work.

“I have always cherished the conversation with people in what they see and feel in my work and am looking forward to discussing and sharing my journey with you and hope you can connect with me what has been an amazing change in my life as well as my feelings in paint”.




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