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SUBSCRIBE & CONTACT INFORMATION Tel 07703 231150 E art@martinbush.co.uk

While you're here I wish to inform you that you can now book an appointment to visit my "Home Gallery" to view my paintings.

I can make most days and times to suit just get in touch to arrange your visit.


Where to find me

You are welcome to come and view my work at my now Home Studio Gallery where I have re nested many of my paintings to view in a home environment as during the pandemic I felt it time to close my doors as artist in residence at the Royal William Yard and to change direction slightly

You can contact me to arrange a time and bring your friends.

We can even arrange a few glasses of your favourite tipple to make the experience even more enjoyalble so what are you waiting for


BELOW ARE PAST EXHIBITIONS and if you have a venue which is crying out for an arty exhibition then do get in touch

"Once in a Lifetime"


from 19th Feb to March 4th 2022

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am to 5.30pm

All are welcome and I hope to lift you into 2022 with my positive paintings.

See my article in PLYMOUTH HERALD


Martin Bush has been painting his world in the abstract for over 25 years and things become clear that he needed to make changes to a few things that were either out of control or needing new horizons to play with.

The pandemic has been a catalyst as well as a challenge for many and having that void of time to reflect on where he had been and how he wished to proceed into the future gave the drive he needed to change parts of his artistic life as well as other more visually and shapely issues that arose through indulgence and lack of drive.

“Life sometimes takes you somewhere that you don't want to be but you suddenly end up there, life’s indulgences and a depressive journey leads to what seemed an impossible place and you await that light-bulb moment to kick start and turn your issues into the positive”.

All this needed to change somehow.
The light-bulb moment isn’t an instant thing, in fact as the way Martin likes to paint the way forward is best left to organic evolution.

This is where the introduction of a bicycle made for real change and inspiration.

The thought of getting a bike and what was his childhood favorite pastime ticked boxes so in October 2021 he got back on the saddle.
He says he was very apprehensive to be out there riding again with all the scares of being on the road and its dangers but perhaps this is part of the challenge. Well at first it was more than a challenge as Martin needed to get fit enough first to be able to hit even the smallest of hills.

“I had to start in my front room with my new bike trainer to burn the weight off first and gain strength as well as courage to go for it and this rekindled my love of cycling as well as gaining confidence to hit the roads”

The whole experience he says is “A Once in a Lifetime” choice to regain control of his health and you only have this time and not tomorrow to make such a change. Today and not tomorrow kept him going and it was priority number one over anything else, that he must lose this burden of weight NOW and to stop this negative past in its tracks.

Once his fitness reached his abilities to get out of the city and into the country and views of the seas and Dartmoor were a tangible reach this then instilled with epic photos into his now newfound paintings. The whole experience of this past year was beginning to filtrate into his new work. He reflects on what he calls his Blossom inspired paintings that he did in spring 2020 that were a great positive step to hope and were very much a bridge for his mind which was a foundation to this now new set of paintings that are so inspired by his large collection of photographic evidence of his 4000 miles of cycle rides as well as the new inner emotions he has gained from the views as well as achievements with loosing 4 stone in weight.
He has refound his love to paint his positive messages on canvas and hopes you will feel this energy from his new work as he does.

He says that for him this work is so new that he hasn’t absorbed the fullness of it yet but when he sits in his armchair after a hard 3 hour cycle ride and looks into each painting he feels he is out there on the hills and magnificence of beautiful vistas once more.

Martin is glad to start this year with this exhibition to show this journey of 4000 miles in paint and to invigorate others to join in as one other item he misses since closing his past home in the Yard in having contact with others and to talk and discover what is within his new work.

“I have always cherished the conversation with people in what they see and feel in my work and am looking forward to discussing and sharing my journey with you and hope you can connect with me what has been an amazing change in my life as well as my feelings in paint”.

CLICK HERE to see some of the paintings in the show



I have now compiled a page that encompasses every painting (almost) that are available to buy.


Visit here to buy a PRINT and other items with my art




Martin Bush Fine Art


T; 07703 231150


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The invite goes out to people who are thinking of buying a painting rather than just wanting to see art sorry but hope that makes sense. Of course any regulars and clients can visit anytime just for a cuppa, be lovely to see you and show you round my lovely new home and walls full f my art.

Luke Pollard MP

Luke Pollard MP

has kindly been using this painting as a back drop at his home when he is on the news TV and I am delighted my painting maybe adding some positive vibe to the world who are watching

CLICK HERE FOR MORE about the painting

Been seen on

Sunday Morning Politics BBC2

Spot Lights BBC1

Newsnight BBC2

I can now show you any painting of your choice in an interior setting

If you want send my a photo of your interior I can show you how a painting of your choice will look on your wall

NEW painting


Coming soon

Now Exhibiting in Bude, Cornwall.

I am happy to say I have linked up with

"The Jaunty Seagull"

who are kindly hosting a lovely small selection of my work

Here is a link to what you will find.


Featuring my new painting "Oriental Cherry Blossom"

If you want to see this painting live then do get in touch

Archive News  

This little work of art is on Public Show on the streets of Plymouth.

I am more than happy to have gifted this work to an amazing project that has become one of a few public art exhibitions happening in and around the streets of this much loved city.

Part of "Plymouth Artists Together" 2021


A Dialogue With Colour Aug 2020

Exhibition has now ended but if there are any painting you are interested in and wish to see or buy then do get in touch.

See below for list of paintings that were on show.

ALSO don't panic as I will still be showing some of my painting in this prestigious Plymouth Gallery so do go visit.

OR you are more than welcome to come and visit my home gallery where I have my main stock and plenty to choose from on my very own walls!


Below are paintings available to view at Host Galleries



interior Red SOLD

Silver Storm SOLD

Positive Living

Sail Rigging

Royal William Yard by Moonlight

Lagoon Sailing

Gho-Ghi Temple

Kho-Khi Temple

Kho-Khon Temple

Pink Cocktail II


Ocean Cocktail


Pink Cocktail III


Dawn Swirl

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Kho Khi - Cup

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Summer Swirl

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Dreamy Days

Journey Lines 3



Some of these works are now back with me but do pop into Host if your passing and ask what they have of mine as some will be on display and some down in the store

Summer Energy

Arabian Sands


Summer Calm

Pearl Essence

Summer Slice

A Beautiful Day on the River

Colour into Nature

Earth's Pulse 122cm sq

Fusion Seas

Dusk Emanates

Picnic on the Beach

Radiation of Nature


COPYRIGHT of all images on this entire web site belongs to @ Martin Bush