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SUBSCRIBE & CONTACT INFORMATION Tel 07703 231150 E art@martinbush.co.uk

While you're here I wish to inform you that you can now book an appointment to visit my "Home Gallery" to view my paintings.

I can make most days and times to suit just get in touch to arrange your visit.

You are invited to  my 2nd







I STILL wish to invite you for a drink and to come and enjoy my new home gallery here in Stoke Plymouth, its been a challenge but as my home is quite large and I only expect a few at any one time we will keep the windows open a little and you are welcome for a bit of art and wine.

Your invited either Saturday or Sunday between 11am & 4pm. 

If you fancy it then do reply to this email with what day and time and I will confirm.
Also as I had a few hick ups with my last email to you all if I don't confirm then do send an email direct to art@martinbush.co.uk and or text or call me on 07703 231150

If you can't make it and still wish to visit any other time do let me know to arrange another date that suits.

Above; Pop Life 88cm x 72cm inc frame £1,650. (Do get in touch now if you wish to buy this painting!)



I really hope to see some of you over this weekend.
By the way we can all wear a mask if needed and it would be good that we all do a lateral flow test as I will each morning just to stay safe. Im double jabbed and I would say if you haven't been jabbed then let me know!

Above; Golden Trumpet 61cm x 111cm inc frame £1,650. (Do get in touch now if you wish to buy this painting!)


I have now compiled a page that encompases every painting (almost) that are available to buy.


Visit here to buy a PRINT and other items with my art




Martin Bush Fine Art


T; 07703 231150


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The invite goes out to people who are thinking of buying a painting rather than just wanting to see art sorry but hope that makes sense. Of course any regulars and clients can visit anytime just for a cuppa, be lovely to see you and show you round my lovely new home and walls full f my art.

Luke Pollard MP

Luke Pollard MP

has kindly been using this painting as a back drop at his home when he is on the news TV and I am delighted my painting maybe adding some positive vibe to the world who are watching

CLICK HERE FOR MORE about the painting

Been seen on

Sunday Morning Politics BBC2

Spot Lights BBC1

Newsnight BBC2

I can now show you any painting of your choice in an interior setting

If you want send my a photo of your interior I can show you how a painting of your choice will look on your wall

NEW painting


Coming soon

Now Exhibiting in Bude, Cornwall.

I am happy to say I have linked up with

"The Jaunty Seagull"

who are kindly hosting a lovely small selection of my work

Here is a link to what you will find.


Featuring my new painting "Oriental Cherry Blossom"

If you want to see this painting live then do get in touch

Archive News  

This little work of art is on Public Show on the streets of Plymouth.

I am more than happy to have gifted this work to an amazing project that has become one of a few public art exhibitions happening in and around the streets of this much loved city.

Part of "Plymouth Artists Together" 2021


A Dialogue With Colour Aug 2020

Exhibition has now ended but if there are any painting you are interested in and wish to see or buy then do get in touch.

See below for list of paintings that were on show.

ALSO don't panic as I will still be showing some of my painting in this prestigious Plymouth Gallery so do go visit.

OR you are more than welcome to come and visit my home gallery where I have my main stock and plenty to choose from on my very own walls!


Below are paintings available to view at Host Galleries



interior Red SOLD

Silver Storm SOLD

Positive Living

Sail Rigging

Royal William Yard by Moonlight

Lagoon Sailing

Gho-Ghi Temple

Kho-Khi Temple

Kho-Khon Temple

Pink Cocktail II


Ocean Cocktail


Pink Cocktail III


Dawn Swirl

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Kho Khi - Cup

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Summer Swirl

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Dreamy Days

Journey Lines 3



Some of these works are now back with me but do pop into Host if your passing and ask what they have of mine as some will be on display and some down in the store

Summer Energy

Arabian Sands


Summer Calm

Pearl Essence

Summer Slice

A Beautiful Day on the River

Colour into Nature

Earth's Pulse 122cm sq

Fusion Seas

Dusk Emanates

Picnic on the Beach

Radiation of Nature


COPYRIGHT of all images on this entire web site belongs to @ Martin Bush