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August Host Galleries Plymouth

October Jaunty Seagull Bude North Cornwall


18th Sept - 31st Oct 20 Years As An Artist Solo Exhibition, Royal William Yard

22nd - 27th Oct Drawn To London Exhibition The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall

Open Studios Plymouth Art Trail and Drawn to the Valley 22nd - 30th September.

28th - 30th Sept Plymouth Art Weekender


Solo Exhibition Sept Artizan Gallery, Torquay

April - July The Hidden Olive Sutton Harbor, Plymouth


Oct-Dec The Drake Manor Inn Buckland Monachorum, Devon

Sept Plymouth Art Weekender

Feb Oxford Internation Art Fair


Solo Exhibition Positive Path, Plymouth

2014 Feb-April, Plymouth County Council Art House Exhibition.

2013 Nov Autumn Exhibition Royal William Yard, Plymouth

2013 Tatton Park Flower Show with August Garden Designs

2013 Hampton Court Flower Show London

2012 Solo exhibition, Wild and Free Royal William Yard Plymouth

2012 Fringe Exhibition Sept - Dec British Art Show 7 Plymouth

2011 Murray VW Show Rooms Solo Exhibition, Plymouth.

2011 Spring/Summer Exhibition Royal William Yard, Plymouth

2011 Gallery in The Square Usk, Wales.

2010 Gallery Guest House, Plymouth

2010 High Elm Manor with Brizatti Fine.

2010 Kaya Gallery Totnes, Devon.

2010 61 Walcott Street Gallery' Bath.

2010 Bistro One, Plymouth.

2009-12 Browns Hotel Tavistock, Devon.

2009 22 Mill Street Restaurant Chagford, Devon.

2008 Kaya Gallery, Totnes.

2008 Summer Exhibition RWY Plymouth.

2008 Bistro One, May-June Jazz Series Plymouth.

2008 Kaya Gallery, Barbican, Plymouth .

2008 One Toe in the Water Gallery Foye Cornwall.

2008 Bond Pearce, Plymouth.

2008 Bistro One, Plymouth.

2007 Spring Exhibition Royal WIlliam Yard, Plymouth.

2007 - 2012 Tamar Science Park, Plymouth .

2007 - 2015 Millfields, Plymouth .

2007 Ickenox exhibition, Dray Walk, Brick Lane, London.

2007 Bistro One, Feb Ebrington Street, Plymouth.

2006 June- Plymouths Art Fair in the Royal William Yard, Plymouth.

2006 Steps Gallery, Christmas Steps, Bristol.

2005 h.Art Hereford art week, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.

2004 Gallery, Tintern, Monmouthshire.

2004 Ross on Wye international Festival.

2004 White Space Gallery, Usk.

2004 Forest of Dean Heritage Museum.

2003 Engaging Arts Manchester.

2003 Verdi's Cafe, Mumbles, Wales.

2003 Karen Taylor Contemporary art gallery Twickenham.

2003 Iona House Gallery, Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

2003 Commission for 80 mtr Mural Cardiff, CLICK TO SEE

2002 Fresh Art Fair London.

2002 White Space Usk. Wales.

Previous major projects.

Brewhouse Mural, Oxford, UK. click to see



A little bit about me…. .  .  .  .    .  .

Before embarking on a career as a painter I had my own commercial art business for 10 years working in and around London and many places across the UK. I lived in Oxford for most of this time and gained many creative projects from large murals to developing fun ideas for signs and interior decor for the restaurant, pub and catering trade.

This I feel equipped me to succeed as an artist painter which I decided was the next path for me and has been an exciting and ever evolving pleasure

What inspires my art?

My career as a painter began with a year living in Thailand in 1997-98 and where I began my passion to paint.

I remember the overwhelming feeling from this experience was the sense of freedom and by absorbing this amazing countries culture I had found a place that was to change my life and fire my inspiration even to this day. Adding to this my previous travels to places such as California, South Africa and many other countries developed the foundations to the expression within my art.

I still visit Thailand each year to recharge by art batteries and is now my second home with family and friends I am glad to have and enjoy.

The Artist’s who have inspired my marks and painting Howard Hodgkin, Gerhard Richter, Pollock and any other painter who delves into the abstract. Oh and a little bit of Picasso and Matisse of course.

What else is important to my work?

From many years of painting and exhibiting I have been inspired by the public and their response to my work. To lift people’s spirits with my imagery has been a delight and is what keeps the palette alive.

Everyone sees the world differently and watching and listening to people discuss my paintings is always stimulating, I have felt that looking into an abstract painting can be parallel to looking into a mirror. Your focus becomes a reflection on who you are and where you have been.

I look forward to hearing people’s reactions and emotional responces while absorbing my creations and that I may

                                     .   .   .  .  . …..open your mind


1983-86 Birmingham Polytechnic. Art and design BA (Hon's) degree.

1986-2000 Mural and commercial art for many large and independent brewery chains, restaurant groups and corporate customers incorporating murals, chalkboard art as well as graphic work for various breweries and licensees.

1997 Traveled to the Far East, Thailand to discover and develop my abstract painting

From 1997 to the present day I have continued developing and working on my abstract painting and finding influences and direction for my painting.

More Information. Studying in Design and observing our modern world my work aspires towards contemporary imagery and my inspiration is driven by my journey through out my life visiting such places as Thailand to California where I breath in the culture and aspire to these worlds. My palette is often vibrant with energy driven marks and explores personality within. With a free flow marks allowing the paint to develope in a natural and unhindered way new things can happen and the discovery and journey takes each painting to it's own conclusion.


Plymouth Magazine Oct 2011

Devon Life Magazine September addition on line 2010

Art of England Magazine(Click to read) August addition 2010

Exeter Living Magazine November- December 2007

Art in Devon Magazine Summer addition and Winter 07

tel: UK +44 07703 231150 E

Mail art@martinbush.co.uk



My Journey into Abstract Art of England Magazine 2011

Martin Bush is increasingly being acknowledged as one of the regions leading contemporary abstract artists. As Resident Artist, Martin has just moved into a new Gallery and studio at Plymouth’s Royal William Yard, his fourth space there within the last five years.
Having been a successful commercial artist, how did Martin develop into the world of fine art? In 1997 he sold his business, took some time out and traveled. This was the break he was looking for. Beginning with charcoal then oil, Martin began to experiment with marks; the strokes were quite free and vibrant yet bring together a very powerful and alluring imagery. His emotional journey into art had started. As Martin says:
The part of me that gives this drive to create has been my life of travel and exploration into different cultures. There are many journeys that make up who I am; my main interest has been the juxtaposition of Thailand and the Thai culture with California and it’s vibrant art scene.
Watching Martin work, you quickly become aware that, as he liberally applies his background colour, he became lost in a world beyond canvas and paint. Martin paints with the canvas flat; scrapers push colour around, mixing pigments as part of the process. More paint adds depth to marks that will bring texture. Boldness and subtlety, balance and harmony begin to appear. The canvas is flipped and viewed from different angles; some areas are reworked adding further depth. As the process comes to an end, highlights may be brought in through small interventions or the dribbling of yet more paint. No matter what the painting looks like, it is impossible at this stage to tell whether it has worked. The drying process changes the nature of the art. Paints fuse, shrink and crack; some colours become dull as a result of the mixing they have undergone. Over a course of days and weeks the work will be examined, retouched, added to and sometimes almost totally reworked.
For Martin, it is only the contemporary abstract style that enables him to truly express himself and add strength to his work. He describes the process he goes through as ‘painting with the sub-conscious mind’. As he increasingly trusts this connection he finds that his work becomes freer. He is able to keep the expression in his work fresh and flowing, delivering results full of energy, colour and intrigue.
Martin Bush knows he is a man in a privileged position. Having his own studio and gallery in the stunning Royal William Yard is something that many artists would aspire to. Why does painting and showing in the same space matter to him?
Having my own gallery in Plymouth has given me a close connection with lots of people. As I talk to visitors I am pleased by the depth of their understanding of what they see and the positive comments I hear. Although, as a contemporary abstract artist my work comes from within; it is important for me to have feedback, as this helps to give me the sense that the painting is right and stands up as part of what I am offering in my creative journey.
The works on show in Martin’s first exhibition in his new gallery come from series painted over the last eighteen months. They are infused with the changing seasons; hot and blue skies to cold and darker times. The painting reflect the impact these changes have on his energies, mood and palette with the marks he makes seeming to absorb these elements.




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