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Wild Autumn Wembery

New Painting

A wildness with marks and unconsious energy flew into the making and the feeling of wild landscape around, inspired by cycling in Autumn.

Human Nature

New Painting

This piece was a reflection of the world in 2023 in all it's madness.

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Abstract 2023

New paintings in 2023.

Paintings of landscape of Devon

Cycle Ride Inspired

Cycling ride inspired by the countryside here in Devon and Cornwall.


Blossom Inspired

The expression of hope that blossom brings us every year in Spring

Jewel Temple Series

Inspired by Thai temples and culture

Beach Holiday Abstracts

Beach Holiday Series

Bright colours with moving marks

Earlier Paintings

Some classics from my extensive portfolio

Abstract Painting


For larger space that need a statement piece

Smeatons Tower Painting

Plymouth Inspired Paintings

Including Smeaton's Tower and Royal William Yard.

Blue Nude Pastel

Charcoals and Pastels

Along side painting I have always enjoyed working on paper with the figure in mind.

Paintings in situ

Clients Paintings and Interiors

A selection of some great instillations of my paintings in offices and clients homes.

Artist in his home gallery

Latest News and Fun Facts

Where to find my art and other fun facts and info.

Abstract Painting

All Paintings For Sale on One Page

I have added ALMOST! all the paintings I have available onto this one page.

If you spend £1000 or more we can arrange credit over 10 months with ARTMONEY    SIMPLY APPLY HERE

Please note. ALL IMAGES ON THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE ARE COPYRIGHT OF THE artist Martin Bush. That means you can not download or use any image for reprint or any other use! If we find you have done so then we will look at requiring a payment equivalent to what a print would cost plus costs. PLEASE RESPECT THE COPYRIGHT If you want a print or want to discuss the use of any image then I am more than happy to have a chat.